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About the Platform is a noncommercial platform aimed at supporting players of the real estate industry to recover with a minimum loss from the outcomes of COVID-19.

On this platform, users can learn about the impact of COVID-19 on the Georgian real estate market and take a look at a dynamic analysis of the office, residential, retail & leisure, and hotel sectors. Along with a sectoral analysis, the platform offers an overview of the country’s tourism and economy, perspectives for domestic tourism, the impact of COVID-19 on neighboring countries, and an analysis of the most exposed sectors from which Georgia has benefited from foreign direct investment. These sectoral and general overviews and dynamic analyses will assist platform users to make informed decisions.

The given observations are based on foreign best practices, the expertise of Colliers International Georgia and other international offices, as well as continual interaction with industry players. Our analysis and outlooks refer to two main periods:

The isolation period

The different degrees of isolation within Georgia and worldwide.

The upcoming period of recovery

Getting back to the old rhythm of life: The recovery stage of global and local economies as they adjust to the new reality.

We are planning to add the 2018-2019 sectoral studies to the platform, which will make the year-old and current positions on Georgia’s real estate market easier to visualize. We are also making the platform more interactive, giving representatives of the field the chance to participate in surveys, offer opinions, and take part in group discussions and practical courses.

With these features, the platform aims to shine a spotlight on the critical issues and expose the ongoing challenges; to determine the aspects in which industry players need governmental support, and the directions in which they need recommendations from Colliers. This platform is a space with the potential to become an incubator of ideas, which will, in the short-term, act as a functional core and in the long-term as a rehabilitative haven for the industry.